Online grocery shopping: Say NO to delivery minimums with ZUM ZUM

Rather than needing to consider a dollar amount to reach delivery minimums, Zum Zum asks that you select a variety of items you’ll need this week to unlock all delivery windows.

It’s a system guided by our duty to minimize our impact on the environment. By ensuring all vehicles depart at 90%+ capacity, we optimize our miles driven and reduce carbon emissions.

I tend to start building my next cart soon after I’ve placed an order, continually adding to it through the week as I see what I need for my next delivery.

Without needing to consider delivery minimums, I stay disciplined in my bargain hunting. Instead of searching for the cheapest way to reach a target dollar (usually overspending on a single size treat), on the occasion I may want to top up my cart to access same day/next day delivery, I’ll grab some useful non-perishables at everyday savings of over 50%.

56% savings on coffee filters, and 54% savings on organic sugar are a few of my favourite go-tos if an extra item is ever needed. Savings are on regular priced items compared to, current as of April 4th 2021. Stay tuned for regular updates that will ZUM IN on more of those fantastic Costco Business Centre everyday-deals!


Have your groceries DELIVERED & PAY LESS versus going to the grocery store

Shop with ZUM ZUM for your weekly staples and enjoy the convenience of receiving your groceries to your door, while SAVING money

We’re all feeling the pain of rising food prices, so buying everything you can in bulk is a great way to stretch your grocery budget. Canada’s Food Price Report is released together by Dalhousie University and the University of Guelph, and they are forecasting “an overall food price increase of 3 to 5% for 2021. The most significant increases are predicted for meat at 4.5 to 6.5%, bakery at 3.5 to 5.5%, and vegetables at 4.5 to 6.5%.”

Zum Zum’s prices ALWAYS MATCH – we update weekly to deliver every sale to you. Our 5% Pick & Pack fee & FREE delivery provides our customers an easy way to calculate exactly how we beat the competition. We want to make your weekly shops a no-brainer.

I have always been meticulous in my price comparisons, thanks to my mom somehow making “price per 100g” interesting to an eight year old. Though I’ve noticed Costco Business Centre will not always beat a few of the discount grocery’s tight margin items like milk & eggs – when I calculate my overall savings on high ticket items such as cheese, nuts, meat etc, my Pick & Pack fee is paid for a few times over vs going to the store.

Your savings are impossible to ignore when shopping by “price per 100g”. It is truly worth the time invested in planning a grocery budget, if the extra upfront capital required to buy in bulk has made it intimidating to get started. That capital is recuperated next week when you’re taking your bread out of the freezer instead of running to the store!


Meet Craig, Founder & CEO of Zum Zum

This is Craig McCutcheon – lifelong Torontonian, forever entrepreneur, husband to Liz, Dad of three and avid cottager in his spare time.

He has spent his career since University climbing the ranks at the family business Rosedale Livery. From washing cars, administrative tasks, Chauffeur, dispatch, office manager, general manager to CEO upon his father Doug’s retirement over a decade ago.

During Craig’s tenure with Rosedale Livery he has taken the company worldwide through a vast affiliate program, automated the dispatch system, expanding with a technology division that has facilitated the creation of a variety of truly unique sub-companies.

Quality, service and sustainability are ALWAYS top priorities with every Rosedale Livery chauffeured trip and Zum Zum delivery. Results are what sets his group of companies apart from any competitor or similar business.

When Covid hit last year, Rosedale Livery was and remains all but shut down. With his quick “concept to roll-out” Craig and his team were able to launch Zum Zum within weeks.

As challenging as it is launching a new business in lightning speed, he has kept his infectious humour and optimism, keeping as many employees employed as possible with great hopes for the future!

Craig is really thankful for all the early adopters of Zum Zum.


Welcome to Zum Zum!

Thank you for visiting the Zum Zum blog! We’ll be zuming in on useful price comparisons, recipes, meal plans, product information, reviews, and fun DIYs that reuse packaging to reduce waste. New posts to come every week with the goal of adding even more value to your Zum Zum orders!

We would like to express our deep gratitude for the support of our growing customer base over our first year of Costco Business Centre grocery delivery. We appreciate that you have recognized our commitment to safety during a worldwide pandemic, and we strive to ensure that you’ll continue to feel like you’re taken care of by family.

We thank those who have taken their time to leave us a review on Trustpilot, or a comment on Facebook & Instagram. Your invaluable feedback has been transformational in our expansion. Thank you for zuming with us into an exciting new spring!

Zuming out,

Jacqueline & the Zum Zum team