If you “could eat a horse”, avoid the mall or feel remorse

We’ve all done this… It’s hard not to isn’t it?

Conventional wisdom is to have a light snack PRIOR to going to the grocery store to avoid those enticing, unplanned treats.

As we’re learning, you’re not safe from those impulse buys once you’ve left the grocery store either. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has linked unsatisfied hunger with a desire to buy non-food items.

The authors explain how your grumbling tummy may be rumbling the cash right out of your wallet, by triggering your brain into acquisition mode: “We conclude that a basic biologically based motivation can affect substantively unrelated behaviors that cannot satisfy the motivation.”

“This presumably occurs because hunger renders acquisition-related concepts and behaviors more accessible, which influences decisions in situations to which they can be applied.”

Norbert Shwarz, study author and a provost professor at the university of Southern California clarifies, “In the case of hunger its pretty straightforward. If hunger means ‘I want to get food’ then ‘getting stuff’ may be on your mind. When you then have the opportunity to ‘get stuff’ you may take a few things that are available that have nothing to do with satisfying your hunger.”

Researchers studied 379 volunteers over five behavioural experiments. Their results indicate that your hunger level has a direct impact on the number of items you buy, even when those items won’t satiate your need for food.

One of the experiments involved analyzing receipts of shoppers exiting a department store. Data from the receipts showed those who were shopping on an empty stomach not only bought more non-food items than those who were full, but that hungry shoppers also spent more money overall.

So if you want to stay within budget, EAT before shopping in person or online! Snacks such as sliced fruit, nuts, and granola bars that contain healthy carbs, fats, and protein will keep your hunger at bay!

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