Zum Zum is a newly created white-glove delivery service owned & operated by Rosedale Livery, that brings top quality products from Costco Business Centre straight to your door, with FREE delivery and NO membership required. Anywhere in Toronto and the GTA.

Rosedale Livery Ltd. was founded in 1981 by Douglas McCutcheon with a clear commitment to customer service, and grew to be the largest operator of livery limousines in Canada. Through investments in people and technology, we continue to change and adapt to the evolving needs of our clients.

Our mission is for Zum Zum transform your regular shopping into Smart Shopping, with quick ordering online you’ll save hours every week – escaping the driving, shopping, check-out lines, packing etc.

We bring Costco Business Centre’s value to your door. Costco Business Centre has the same great quality and value as your local Costco, but with unique differences. You’ll find many products that are not available at traditional warehouse locations.

Our specialized in-store shoppers and our chauffeurs handle your groceries with care and with your safety in mind. Innovative packaging and high-performance insulated containers maintain the quality of your products while on delivery. Proprietary technology predicts the time you can receive the order before you even place it. A truly seamless experience.

We pre-organize your order prior to delivery in recycled paper bags, clearly labelled “FREEZE upon delivery” or “Refrigerate” for easy off-loading at home.


Zum Zum is owned & operated by Rosedale Livery, the 30+ years world-wide chauffeured services based in Toronto. Over the decades we have grown to servicing 500+ trips per day, servicing mainly corporate clients. When the pandemic hit in March our trips were reduced to maybe 25 per day, so we needed to do something utilizing what we have!

Zum Zum started as the “pandemic project” meant to create value for community and answer to its immediate needs of staying home and getting groceries, which became the pressing demand.
Using the Rosedale Livery exemplary experience, software and logistic infrastructure to power Zum Zum services, we were able to start up this new business within a few weeks, maintaining some of our staff, utilizing our vehicles and surviving.


Zum Zum has access to 70% of the top quality exclusive products from Costco Business Centre. Some of these products are in bulk sizes ideal for large families or small businesses. Customers like you and me can also purchase milk, bananas, fresh produce etc in single servings similar to regular grocery stores.

We are an independent service, not affiliated with or endorsed by Costco Wholesale.

We believe in service excellence, aiming to create a great experience for every customer, EVERY TIME.

From the simple and fast ordering process, attention to detail and rigorous packaging process, to ALWAYS delivering on time, we are committed to a quality and reliable service. We add a Pick & Pack fee of 5% of your order – $5 for every $100 spend! That’s it!

Zum Zum strives to deliver Same Day when availability allows. Our unique software system creates routes that always have at minimum 90% vehicle capacity / approx. 400 items. This ensures we are building a sustainable business.

Our system is built to accept orders of 15 items or more (NO dollar minimum) to ensure we are operating at capacity. Not all items are large case size items……you’re also able to shop for bunch of broccoli or bag of milk.

Combining the original Rosedale Livery luxury experience, our software and delivery infrastructure with Costco Business Centre’s high quality and exclusive products, we are on a mission with Zum Zum to make this great value accessible to everyone!

Meet Craig, Founder & CEO of ZumZum
Craig McCutcheon

This is Craig McCutcheon – lifelong Torontonian, forever entrepreneur, husband to Liz, Dad of three and avid cottager in his spare time.

He has spent his career since University climbing the ranks at the family business Rosedale Livery. From washing cars, administrative tasks, Chauffeur, dispatch, office manager, general manager to CEO upon his father Doug’s retirement over a decade ago.

During Craig’s tenure with Rosedale Livery he has taken the company worldwide through a vast affiliate program, automated the dispatch system, expanding with a technology division that has facilitated the creation of a variety of truly unique sub-companies.

Quality, service and sustainability are ALWAYS top priorities with every Rosedale Livery chauffeured trip and Zum Zum delivery. Results are what sets his group of companies apart from any competitor or similar business.

When Covid hit last year, Rosedale Livery was and remains all but shut down. With his quick “concept to roll-out” Craig and his team were able to launch Zum Zum within weeks.

As challenging as it is launching a new business in lightning speed, he has kept his infectious humour and optimism, keeping as many employees employed as possible with great hopes for the future!

Craig is really thankful for all the early adopters of Zum Zum.

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