A Month of Self-Reflection and Charity

Break your fast with Medjool Dates or Desert Palm Pitted Dates, delivered after sunset by your friends at Zum Zum! Best wishes for a Ramadan as bright as ever!

Recognized for its health, spiritual and psychological benefits, fasting for the month of Ramadan is considered by Muslims as a means to shift their focus away from life’s pleasures, and to empathize with others who are less fortunate.

Fasting teaches control and self-discipline over our immediate desires. When you learn how to say “no” to what’s generally permitted you control your impulses, and can resist what is forbidden.

Yes, even water is included in the fast. #NotEvenWater

Here’s a quick and funny video, that just goes to show as a new generation of young Muslims like soccer star Mohamed Salah break on to the world stage, they are introducing their traditions to a whole new audience (regardless of how superficially that new knowledge is shared!)

Now considering the famous Snickers candy ad campaign, “You’re not you when you’re hungry” – it’s safe to say that everyone can relate to the irritation or lethargy we feel from a lack of food and coffee. We’ll be extending our Muslim brothers and sisters a little extra empathy during their most sacred month!

See the Islamic Foundation of Toronto for more information.

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