11 Ways to Save on Your Groceries

Healthy eating doesn’t need to be expensive, here are 11 ways to pad your wallet and avoid the temptations of take out (TLDR: it’s a bit of planning!)

  1. Build your meal plans around weekly sales to inspire variety in your diet.
  2. Learn the sale prices of items you buy often… Eventually you’ll know at a glance when a discount is actually worth stocking up on.
  1. Make a list and stick to it – hey, cliche advice can be concise!
  2. Buy Ontario fruits and vegetables in season. Stock up on the best prices during summer harvests and freeze your own fruit & veg at peak quality! Even just bulk freezing your most expensive and heavily consumed type of produce (looking at you, strawberries for smoothies) can inspire you to go all out in your bulk shops the next summer.
  1. Be assured by Penn State’s opinion on the quality of canned and frozen options: “Depending on the produce item, canning and freezing may actually preserve the nutrient value and even increase the availability of some nutrients to the body.”
  1. Shop in bulk where possible on your everyday staples (conveniently delivered by Zum Zum!)
  2. Avoid shopping when you’re hungry!
  1. Know your “forever foods” that will keep indefinitely in your pantry with proper storage. Stock up on basics like salt, pepper, sugar, rice and pasta on sale and never pay full price.
  1. Grow your own! If you can grow your own vegetables and herbs in the summer in your backyard or on your patio, you’ll not only have great tasting healthy food, you’ll gain a hobby and save your dollars!
  1. Refer to Canada’s food storage guidelines for recommendations on how long to store meat, dairy and produce in the fridge and freezer: apples can turn soft quickly when left at room temperature, best kept in the fridge. And we were recently surprised to learn that storing your tomatoes in the fridge isn’t a TOTAL criminal offense 😆
  2. Cook your own meals vs boxed meals or take out, you WILL amaze yourself with what you’re capable of! Have 10-15 trusted recipes on rotation that you can make in your sleep. And don’t ever feel defeated if you worry your meals aren’t gourmet or instagram ready! Is everyone fed?? You did great 🙂

Check out our fun and easy recipes that anyone can make, with Costco Business Centre savings delivered by Zum Zum!

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